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Re:This is why Linux will never reach the masses

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on March 03, 2007 12:17 AM
I know Windows users who would love to make the switch to a more secure platform; yet they've told me that they get the impression that Linux is only for guru hackers and that these guru hackers look down on all non-guru-hackers. I don't blame them -- nobody wants to be called a "noob" in an unconstructive way instead of getting some encouragement. These are intelligent people who don't appreciate this kind of arrogance. While I'm doing my best to counter-balance the negative impressions, it may well be that they end up choosing OSX over Linux as an alternative (one already has). Actually, OSX is a very good choice and I don't blame them. But what do cases like that mean for the widespread adoption of Linux and FLOSS in general?

Btw, pointing out that someone's a "noob" is stating the obvious and completely redundant: Everybody is new to something at first. Fucking live with it, Divine Guru, you were one yourself.


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