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Get a grip, people.

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on February 20, 2007 09:36 AM
So one arch hacker was dismissive of another on an arch hacker mailing list. Heavens to betsy, what is becoming of the internets! Have you ever read the LKML? Not exactly the most polite corner of the world. What we are seeing is just more of the same...two camps throwing opinions around with little regard for the feelings of each other. Hey, doesn't that eerily resemble the threads being written here?

KDE, Gnome, who cares? I use KDE exclusively, and get snide comments from some of my fellow Linux-ites who are Gnome backers. Does that mean that all Gnome disciples are intolerant? only means that, in a permanent minority, the various factions tend to tear into each other as readily as they do the "real" enemy, in this case MS (or is that M$?).

Do I respond to these jibes? No, I usually respond that I have better things to worry about, which is the truth. And this usually shuts these well meaning yet know-it-all folks up. I would recommend that others follow suit.

So was Linus being diplomatic? Hell. no. That's not his job or his habit. The ugly, defensive tone taken by many here shows that they share the same proclivities so, for god's sake, just be quiet. Neither KDE or Gnome are going anywhere, which may be contrary to the wishes of many of the Casandras and DE-bigots (doesn't that just sound ridiculous?) that have made this non-event into their latest opportunity to wail about the coming end of the world.


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