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Re:Gnome is the worst thing to happen to Linux

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on February 19, 2007 11:26 PM
Oh my. I like how you start trolling instead of thoughtfully repelling my very relevant arguments. And how am I "living in the 80s" by suggesting some sort of coherent X dependencies and GUI consistency? I take your offense as proof that Gnome-exclusive fan boys exist. Instead of dividing Linux users, OSS groups like Gnome and KDE should be working to develop standards. Otherwise, you end up with a big Gnome community, a big KDE community, and a lot of software development that depends on specific Gnome/KDE libraries. Furthermore, since this includes a lot of great software, the Linux users have to either take sides, install large libraries for little reason, or find other, less mature, software. These kinds of “choices” are not what the Linux experience is about. Linux is about interoperability, Gnome is not. I won't consider Gnome as a relevant part of a Linux OS until it stops trying to divide us. Meanwhile, if you want a pretty desktop: Use beryl + XFCE. If you want a minimalist desktop use Fluxbox (my WM of choice). Both of which are far superior to Gnome.


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