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Posted by: Anonymous Coward on February 19, 2007 08:15 AM
"Perhaps if we ever want GNU/Linux to succeed we need to stop opposing each other and get along?"

No. Getting along is the second phase.

The first stage is to notice that there are many so-called Linux people, who are deliberately undermining Linux.

There are many examples of this, for example,

Red Hat, Fedora and others refuse to support MP3s.
For Fedora, supporting MP3s costs nothing.
For Red Hat, supporting MP3s is a one off royalty of $50,000 (ie a few cents on the cost of each install (ie essentially nothing)).
See <a href="" title=""></a>.

Yet, Red Hat and Fedora, refuse to satisfy their customers wishes and support MP3.

Red Hat and Fedora, refuse to support the Windows filesystem NTFS, even though a good read-write NTFS-solution now exists.
In fact, Red Hat and Fedora, refuse to even support the read only NTFS support that has been available for nearly a decade.

This subtle crippling/subverting of Linux is to make sure that will never be a real threat to Microsoft or the music or film industries.

Many "Linux developers" are subtly crippling Linux, through various mechanisms, bad code, programs that you cannot compile without jumping through a million hoops, etc, etc. Most subversion is designed to look like it could have been an honest mistake. However, when such "mistakes" are never fixed (in some cases for years) the game is given away.

NTFS, music and video support are among those most regularly crippled. Another favorite is cross-compilers (as they can be used to compile Linux programs that will then run on Microsoft windows). Another filesystem these people are currently crippling (by restricting its distribution and lying about its abilities) is Reiser4 (even to the extent of framing Reiser for murder).

Another two examples of crippling NTFS support:

1) the Linux-NTFS project (<a href="" title=""></a>) has always worked to stop NTFS from working well on Linux. Their latest effort in this direction being their refusal to incorporate Szakacsits' fork, which allows writing to NTFS partitions (as it works too well, and too easily). They say they do. They say NTFS-3g works extremely well. But, they are in no hurry. It has been 7 or 8 months, now. NTFS-3g will only be incorporated when it becomes too obvious that they are really a group, that has been devoted to making sure Linux and NTFS do not work well together.

2) the NTFS program Captive (reads and writes to NTFS, but poorly). Szakacsits wrote a patch so that Captive would function better. The author of Captive, Jan Kratochvil, refused to accept the patch (as it might have made Captive work somewhat more like it should have).

So, all is not as it first seems. Understanding this, is the first step to Linux's eventual success.

Jade @ <a href="" title=""></a> (<a href="" title="">mirror</a>)

Where there are also HOWTOs on:

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2) installing windows XP/2000 on a spare partition with Linux.
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5) remix those 14 Debian installation CDs as 2 DVDs.
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8) some discussion on the GPL and non-free third party kernel modules.
9) and some politics, eg: Israel Fakes a Provocation for War (the "kidnapping" of Cpl Shalit).
10) and on compiling the worlds best DVD/Movie/Video/MP3 Player and Encoder (MPlayer and MEncoder).


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