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Re:I'm happy for GNOME

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on February 18, 2007 10:46 PM
"I agree, KDE people like you DO seem to have some 'Do it _THIS_ way or else you are an idiot' mentality."

Halli-hallo! You just walked in here? It IS Gnome that has this mentality (and a few Gnome users just explained that this is good thing).

Besides, how often do you install computers with Linux? If you do it the wright way you only have to configure KDE *once* (in a few years time). If you feels the need to reinstall often (why??!!) you are doing something completely wrong. And don't tell me that some people just like it do it the wrong way.

My KDE desktop can be transplanted from one distro to another, if need be. Bookmarks, parts of the configuration, small scripts, ie customisation of my _desktop_ will live for years on my desktop. I have been using a custom colour scheme for more than 4 years (i also don't like the preconfigured colours).

So, what I'm trying to explain here, a desktop is your home, and a well designed desktop environment invites a users to customise the look and feel. For me, that is a very good thing, and i just don't believe people who claim that the lack of configurability of Gnome helpes them in any way. And I find it an incredible stoopid argument that the simple fact that KDE CAN be completely configured forces it people to spend hours of doing that. Why? Because you can with KDE and cannot with Gnome?


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