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Yeah, Linus is right.

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on February 18, 2007 10:08 PM
Linus is totally in the right because GNOME is limited. While I agree that GNOME is easy to use and many people dig it, and that's fine, there are those who like to use GNOME but wish that it would have the options that KDE and other window managers share. However, since it's up to the GNOME developers to set policy on how GNOME behaves, it is therefore their responsibility to defend their decisions. And that is fine, except that they're completely missing something here: Vista just came out and it is more bug-ridden than any previous version of Windows. Add to that the fact that GNOME and KDE are nothing more than direct rip-offs of the MS Windows interface... come on, get with the program here: start button, foot button, K button, it's all the same damn thing! Where's the innovation? Oh yeah, let's throw some real code at GNOME... well, that's cool, that's fine, but will it REALLY get us anywhere? By the time that Windows users get used to WOWing people with their aero setups, the rest of the true power users will have E17 up and running and will be able to show GNOME and KDE users what a desktop environment *SHOULD* be like in a Linux environment: configurable, changeable, manageable, useful, pretty, functional, practical and original. KDE comes very close to this except with the originality. GNOME tends to fail in most of these categories. Fluxbox just shoots them all out of the water, but who's going to support Fluxbox in a corporate environment?


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