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Go Linus, go!

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on February 18, 2007 09:57 PM
People have been bashing KDE for a long time. In the beginning for some good reason (not GPL), but after that just because it was a competitor to GNOME. GNOME wants world domination and Ximian is the evil force behind that with MS-like tendencies. The sad thing is, RMS let himself be a frontman to that war.

There would never BE a GNOME/KDE war if GNOME didn't try to grab the desktop time after time and it is good KDE got a capable ally now. And he chooses the right way to attack them at the heart. I've always thought that GNOME wasn't the most "democratic" project in the bunch and Linus is just forcing them to show their cards. Brilliant move!

Understand me, I don't want GNOME to disappear. I just want them to take their proper place along all other desktop environments: GNOME is just another choice. Note there are never wars between KDE and other desktops. It is just up to the user to make that decision - not up to Ximain, RMS, Linus or anybody else.

The latest war - in which I played a part - started because some self declared editor wanted people to believe GNOME was the only reasonable choice. Not because GNOME was good, but because KDE was bad. Now GNOME is in the defense. May be they will learn some humility now, which is highly necessary.


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