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Re:Gnome is annoying

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on February 18, 2007 09:56 PM
Sorry, it's not idiot-proof: not to call myself an idiot, but at the end of a contract position I had last Spring I was going through my Evolution inbox, to filter it: I did Ctrl-a and went to press Ctrl-j but accidently pressed Ctrl-k. So, I ask you: "What happened?" To find out, go and look it up or just remember what you have used Ctrl-k for... Well? Times up: nothing... except for in Evalution: it deleted everything selected. Only later did I find out that I could have selected 'view deleted (something)' and at least seen what had been removed. But, the documentation in Gnome is so absolutely piss-poor there was no mention of Ctrl-k nor of using 'view what I didn't want deleted'!

Whats more: I use the Dvorak keyboard layout. While that's not why I accidently pressed k instead of j, it is something that allows me to type at my normal pace. The simple matter of switching keyboard layouts in Gnome, wait: that's an oximoron. I have never found where to switch the keyboard layout in Gnome. It is really so simple as doing a search for 'keyboard' in the KDE Control Center. Why have the Gnome developers made this impossible? It must be because they know better than I as to how I should give my input on MY DESKTOP! How Microsoft is that? Is that why Gnome loves Mono so much: because they think just like Microsoft?

So, your right: it is definitely expert-proof.

I also believe the Gnome desktop is between 2-4 years behind KDE in usability.


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