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Re:Gnome is clearly better.

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on February 18, 2007 09:55 PM
It is better designed, more stable, and less crappy

The stability of Gnome's printing module and Evolution has got steadily worse over the years. If it's design you're talking about, you do realise that KDE's look and feel and layout comes from a standard module, don't you? The reason why Gnome has a HIG is because it's done per application.

People often don't get that design should be handled by designers

You think that Gnome's design is handled by designers? Dude. Gnome's HIG and UI layout was designed by people who got usability books from the library and think they know it all. In every usability book there is a chapter on allowing a user to expand the application beyond its default settings and customising it to their line of work.

What is the obsession with customising the UI anyway?

Because people in the Windows world do it all the time, more than you might think, and there comes a time when you need to do something such as alter print scheduling options (and administrator etc) - and Gnome will not let you do it.

So much about KDE is just 100% bad design. Don't quote Fitts, uxmatters, or whatever to me, it is my opinion based on my education and experience

So you're talking crap then? Well we know that because people come out with the same old tired lines every time.


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