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Re:KDE sucks

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on February 18, 2007 09:44 PM
Just to get some balance here. I'm a GNOME user and I don't find it limiting at all. In fact, I'm really happy I don't have to go and configure every single little bit before I can use it.

You're utterly missing the point. You don't have to configure anything, and this isn't about configuration. It's about having the ability to be able to do the things when you need them, such as Gnome's printer dialogue. Administrators and help desk people want to be able to set stuff like scheduling options.

I've tried to like KDE. Over and over again, with old versions and new versions. And I just can't. It's horrible, it's ugly

Yawn, yawn, yawn. Whenever an argument is made about Gnome the comeback is always that someone thinks that KDE is ugly. That's not what this is about.


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