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What do you need?

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on February 18, 2007 08:22 PM
Guys, I always read that you want to configure the UI for real-world tasks, but what are these real-world tasks?

You want to configure *GNOME* to write a document in *OpenOffice*? Or write this comment in *Firefox*? I don't see much of a connection.

Seriously, aren't these real-world tasks actually just hobby activities? Let's state the fact: You want to tweak your OS because you like computers and want to play with them like others play games on their X-Box or pimp their cars. It's just a hobby, so please stop talking about *real-world* tasks. All you want is an OS for having fun with computers and KDE is wonderful for this, but face it: you're a minority and most people don't like computers that overwhelm them with functions and options. People don't want choice if they don't care about the issue (there exist many psychological studies on this!). They want choice where it matters and for most people computers don't matter.

Use KDE if you love tweaking computers, but please leave your GNOME (or ease of use) comments for yourself because 90% of the people on this planet don't give a dime for customizability. Even Microsoft research has shown that only about 5% of all Windows users *ever* touch *any* configuration option in WinXP!!! You should be happy that you get your hobby OS because the majority of computer users doesn't get what they deserve!


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