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Re:KDE sucks

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on February 18, 2007 02:09 PM
I agree. KDE is born ugly so that it can have plastic surgery. I've been using linux since 02 and have never enjoyed KDE. I never saw the point in plodding through tons and tons of guis just get it to a point that I can stand using it. Gnome is usable in the beginning and in the end. The only thing I do not like about Gnome is the screensaver issue, a very minor one that is extremely easy to ignore. I don't want people to stop using KDE, if they like to have insane amount of control over their gui, fine, but I have no desire to. I would rather spend my time on linux getting something useful done. Why can't they just stop calling us newbies, and let us compute the way we want to compute. If we want more control, we will go and get it with KDE, but we do not want it. I can't say about how poorly the code is written, I'm not a programmer, but when people are griping on about usability it p***es me off. KDE people, use what you want to use and let us have the choice of using a gui that fits our fancy. Stop trying to force us to have the same number of choices that you have, because in the end, if there was only KDE, I would customize it to look like GNOME! What good are the extra options then?


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