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This is why Linux will never reach the masses

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on February 18, 2007 04:56 AM
I moved to Linux for many reasons, not the least of which were ethical ones. But after repeated frustrations with other commercial-based OSes, I wanted to move to something that "just works".

What frustrates me the most about some members of the Linux community is this pervading comtempt for "noobs" (even the name "noob" is condescending). I like GNOME and still use it because it is flexible in my opinion and works for me. period. Not all of us want to be super-developers. We shouldn't be looked down upon because we're not. Many of us "noobs" contribute our time in other ways as well as our finances to these projects because we believe in them. Is this any less important? After all, in any community each member plays a different role and uses what talents they have for the greater good. The Linux community should be no different.

For the Linux super-users and developers, We appreciate your work, but as myself being one of "the masses" what turns people off the most to trying Linux are comments like "Idiot-safe", "newbs", and the glaring contempt for one's choice of distros (I myself am an Ubuntu user and I'm damn proud of it). Comments like these discourage potential new Linux users from realizing the benefits. It makes the Linux community look like an elitist club that only allows people who have the time to endlessly tweak code to use it. I know that that the spirit of Linux and the open source movement is far from this.

The majority of the world NEEDS something that is easy to use, stable, flexible and above all practical. I praise GNOME and Ubuntu for realizing this and giving the rest of us a choice. I also praise other DE developers in all camps for giving us a choice. What I don't appreciate is being treated like less of a contributor just because I contribute in a different way to Linux and I'm for looking for different things from it.


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