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KDE sucks

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on February 18, 2007 12:37 AM
Just to get some balance here. I'm a GNOME user and I don't find it limiting at all. In fact, I'm really happy I don't have to go and configure every single little bit before I can use it. KDE is for converted Windows gamers who like showing off to their friends by changing the background of every dialog window to some horrible "cool alien looking" image. "Hey, watch this! Look at all these options. There's 538 of them and I know what every single one of them does! Am I not just the coolest person you've ever met?"

I've tried to like KDE. Over and over again, with old versions and new versions. And I just can't. It's horrible, it's ugly (and I don't want to spend two whole days configuring it to be able to look at it without going blind) and it's utterly unusable for me. I know some like fiddling around, and if you do then by all means use KDE, but don't try to make GNOME into KDE.


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