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Re:I'm happy for GNOME

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on February 17, 2007 09:41 PM
I'm happy with GNOME too, it DOES look very elegant and clean by default.

Yes, you can do the same thing with KDE but if you want something nice and clean and are happy with GNOME, who should everyone use KDE and spend a couple of hours tweaking because some people think KDE is the way to go and that's the only _good_ desktop manager?

I suggest that you, in compliance with your idea's and thoughts, go start bashing on people with OS X because it has even fewer configuration options than GNOME and looks clean and simple too. And then you can start yelling at people with an iPod too, because we all know it has a clean and simple interface with almost no configuration options! Next step is off course your tax system, it has too few options (Can't even change the color of the forms and such!! Can you imagine this!?).

I agree, KDE people like you DO seem to have some 'Do it _THIS_ way or else you are an idiot' mentality.

Please keep in mind that some people like other stuff than you do, that's why not everyone uses one GNU/Linux distro or even use no GNU/Linux at all.

I suggest you read some texts about free speech and free choice too, you know it's the cornerstone of most democracy's and hey, GNU/Linux is also built on that principle!


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