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We,GNOME users..puhleese let us Live!

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on February 17, 2007 08:30 PM
qt/kde fans are intolerent.infact Linux @ one time in near future may be hacked by kde fanboys-as the starter of linux kernel is himself identified earlier itself as a KDE/qt zealot.
GNOME is easier for many of us and we dont want an advice/rant from KDE fanboys to move from Linux.if Linus want his linux kernel must not be used excluding KDE/qt,he can make a new EULA and try his own way.spare us,GNOME,XFCE,fluxbox etc users...
it is like MAC vs windows,though in this case number game is inverse;MAC~kde and win!~GNOME<nobr> <wbr></nobr>,u can see that mac fanboys are the most adement one as is the case with KDE users(not all of U!)

it seems there is hard times for GNOME users,for now they are well selected by kde backers and if GNOME ever fall off,then perhaps u can see the web flooded with anti-xfce or anti-(tag the nonKDE DE)
remember XFCE ppl,for today KDEfanboys will spot GNOME-I am sure they will destroy it-next on the line is XFCE...
tux and the anti-gnome sentiment.
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