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Gnome is the worst thing to happen to Linux

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on February 17, 2007 04:43 PM
I hope Linus kicks the crap out of them for being the primary culprit for X library disorder, not to mention the worst windows manager. It is hopeful that a Linux authority is finally pushing to straighten Gnome out. Gnome is the embodiment of everything a bad user base can bring to an OS. Apps that require front ends should be required (or at least strongly encouraged) to only depend on Xorg libraries. The Linux community should develop a standard for libraries that prevent this from happening, and to consolidate the workings of graphical environments in Linux. Apps that depend on KDE and Gnome are killing Linux, and surely, as Linus states, dumbing down the user base.

The power of Linux is derived from the developers and users involved in the great open source projects. When its user/developer ratio is compromised with an excess of newbies the magic of our great OS ceases to exist. We have been heading in the wrong direction for some time now. Gentoo devs commonly create Gnome dependancies where none are needed. Ubuntu defies the kernel it's based on by creating even more of a Windows-like OS. I say let Ubuntu and Gnome make their own kernel and platform with Gnome-only apps; let them take their colorful, uber pretty non-interoperable desktop non-functionality somewhere else. The real Linux users want to progress and evolve.


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