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A few reasons why not

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on February 17, 2007 11:25 AM
The single overwhelmingly main one is GConf.

The Gnome developers can do whatever else they like, as far as I'm concerned, but GConf is an utter abomination, and until they get rid of it, Gnome will never be something I will advocate.

I currently have Ubuntu Dapper installed. The default Gnome is still there, and will be getting replaced when I have time.

I prefer FVWM when I don't mind doing the work setting it up, or Enlightenment if I'm feeling a little more lazy. I don't feel as hostile towards KDE, but it *is* bloated. It's good for newbs if they don't mind having their machine running in slow motion, though. Given said bloat however, even for newbs I'd be more likely to give them a FVWM-Crystal/Rox Filer/Webmin combo, with Eterm as the terminal. That will give them at least basic implementations of pretty much everything a base KDE will, and their computer will still run a lot more speedily as well.

Gnome also has Stallman's blessing, which is the second most important reason (to me) not to use it.

A third strike against it is that FreeBSD developers have talked about it being Linux centric, and seeing as I use FreeBSD at times, for me that isn't a good thing.

The fourth objection is that its' dependency list is as long as my arm, and given how little functionality I get for the amount of pain and suffering required in setting it up, (if I'm using it with LFS or a distro where it isn't the default) it ain't worth it in the slightest. In addition to the two I've already mentioned, there are any number of other window managers out there which will do everything I want, with far more hardware efficiency, and with a lot less rigmarole getting them installed.

The fifth reason is that Linus is right when he says the Gnome developers are mulish, elitist, and don't like listening to users...I've observed that in other instances as well.

So, in general...Gnome? No thanks.


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