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What about the others?

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on February 17, 2007 06:19 AM
I know, the KDE vs Gnome WAR has been around as long as I've used Linux. The fact that Linus also has thrown himself into the middle of it conserns me. I'd think he would keep himself above all of this. but then again, he's also only a human.

my personal opinion is that I like the KDE way of configuring things, but I really hate the way KDE looks, even though I've skimmed through lots and lots of themes It still looks to shiny, to glossy to... to much. When it comes to view I like things neat and tidy, clean. But I agree with the guy tha t suggested that there could be an "advanced" menu. For people who would like to do more than just basics. But I also agree with the guy who said that this is just foolish to argue about. It's like Mac/Win, vi/emacs etc etc. All to its own I say.

But it seems it's all about gnome/kde. What about the rest of many excellent desktops? xfce is really coming along these days. Lightweight and clean. Runs on almost anything. And there are tens and tens of more out there. Ion is a lightweight window manager(note: not desktop environment) that really kicks ass. It is frame based and is highly configurable. Allthough most of it are configured in<nobr> <wbr></nobr>.lua files you can really make it your own. And there are lots of others. What about them? Why does it always have to be; gnome gnome gnome; kde kde kde??

Besides, one of the things that really appealed to me when I switced os was that I could finally choose. I could choose one base, and i could choose one look. Or more even. That is the POWER of Linux. Versatility, flexibility and configurable to the max.

Let people choose whatever they want. But keep silly wars out of it. I really thought this community was bigger than this. Strong resemble to Balmer/Jobs wars...


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