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Re:Let 'em rant!

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on February 17, 2007 06:09 AM
- I agree with Linux opinion as far as usability is concerned. KDE did a much better job on this for me.
- I prefer GTK over QT actually. The reason are language bindings. I dislike the slot-signal system of QT to that of GTK.
- There ARE great GTK applications... whole DEs. I like Xfce for example.
- I completely disagree with Linux in regard to his stupid, idiotic flaming. Linux should shut the fuck up and focus on kernel development than to bother about what OTHERS do. He may be right, but he has to shut up about this. If he would have cared so much, he could have written a whole LINUX-OPERATING-SYSTEM, from the grounds up, including GUI and so forth.
But he for several reasons decided to go with a kernel.

Linux is the worst troll here. This is very very sad.

Anyway, to put this back into perspective, I repeat what I said again, and want to put it for the GNOME devs:

* KDE does several things BETTER.
Gnome devs, LEARN from that.

Nuff said.


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