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Re:Linux Desktops--Suffer From Apple-itis!

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on March 17, 2007 10:28 AM
Yes, Yes, everything is copied from Xerox or Amiga or something. whatever.

I run Linux on a PPC. It dual boots OSX. and I would use OSX if I could run XFCE or something similar on it. I feel a bit confined in both OSX and Windows.

I use XFCE. before that KDE or GNOME. Before that FVWM. Before that CDE or MWM. Before that MS Win 3.1.

GNOME and KDE have become too fat.
OSX interface is bit cluttered to me and limited. It does that mac thing where window menus are always top level. I'm sure this is great for lifelong mac users.
Windows interface is a lot cluttered and also limited.

In Linux, if you don't like the Desktop, Fine there are too many to choose from.
In OSX and Windows, if you don't like the Desktop, there is no real choice other than wait for the next version which has more useless eye candy.

You know, if Windows or ReactOS had XFCE and a real terminal program, I could use it without feeling trapped.
OSX actually has a Terminal program that works. If it only had a useful/simple Desktop, and they would just switch to use Firefox, then I would look at it again.

I am actually sending this on OSX, which I use rarely, but I booted into it for an odd reason, and imediately drawn to search online for "OSX XFCE", only to find this stupid thread.


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