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Can "Joe Average" make the changes themselves?

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on February 23, 2007 12:26 AM
This Windows-like layout that the distro's can create?
Ever consider making it an option that is available, and easily selectable for use by any user? Something that is pre-configured, and doesn't require any configuration file editing by the end-user.

RE: Poor UI schemes? That's a laugh! Look at your/Apple's DOCK! How much more inefficient a use of pixels could it possibly get? It's either in the way, or it is a poor use of space. What should we do with the useless--wasted space left on both sides of your precious DOCK? A potted plant in the unused space on the left side maybe? How about a cat-box in the wasted space on the right side. That way, your computer-pet has somewhere to go to relieve itself.

That would be an appropriate addition in this case, since the DOCK idea, however "stylish" you might think it is, is inefficient crap!


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