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Linux Desktops--Suffer From Apple-itis!

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on February 22, 2007 02:54 AM
Why? Why, do all GTK based desktops seem to suffer from Apple--Envy? And, insist on screwing around with task-bar size--number, and placement.
Windows users (90%+ of the market)are used to, and comfortable with, "ONE" full-width task-bar at the bottom of the screen. Anything else confuses them and makes them uncomfortable. No reasonable debate to the contrary has any credible merit.

If re-using code (don't re-invent the wheel)is a logical and efficient means of developing software, then wouldn't re-using end users previously learned knowledge and habits, be a logical and efficient means of developing GUI's?

Innovation is great, but if you want to gain new/more users more quickly, then first imitate and emulate to gain acceptance, then innovate slowly over time to allow users to become acclimated to the incremental changes.

Not withstanding the obvious DOS kernel deficiencies, there is yet to be made, a Linux desktop that can come close to matching the basic/core functionality/usability of even a Windows 95 classic desktop that has been upgraded with the active desktop that was part of Internet Explorer 4. Certainly nothing (full GUI desktop)that can run on those resources.

LOSE! The screwy task-bar ideas! Good Grief!


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