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Re:Bad Idea

Posted by: Administrator on February 16, 2007 04:51 PM
You are missing the point. The thread started with someone thought they couldn't share libraries because they were in different directories and there fore you had to have multiple copies/versions of each library (this is the way I understood the first post).

Then I replied that one doesn't _need_ to have this (multiple version) but one _could_ have this. There was no arguing that only one version of a library was supported, rather that GoboLinux actually supports multiple versions better than most other distros out there (it does).

What I meant in my last reply was that it's actually possible to only have one version of library installed at any one time on GoboLinux (if one install a new version of a library it's "only" needed to recompile all apps depending on that library and then remove the old one), but then I didn't care about API incompability (which is another issue).


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