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Re:Bad Idea

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on February 16, 2007 08:44 AM
Really, this thing about wishing that only one version of a given library were ever needed is a nice sentiment, but it's not very farsighted. Let's face the facts: libraries must evolve (like all other software), lest they rot. Also, not all application programmers will jump through hoops to update their apps whenever a new version of one of their many dependent libraries is created. Ergo, multiple versions of the same library will have to be supported.

It's very easy for a system to only support one version of a library, but its users would curse it to hell: what good is a computer if I can't run what I want on it? If I want to use two applications which use different versions of the same library, well, the system better damn well support both versions! Or else I will look for a system that does -- there's plenty around. Any of those "imperfect" Linux distributions can.


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