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Re:spell checkers

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on February 09, 2007 06:49 AM
Unfortunately, you seem to know very little about machine translation. (Not to mention the disaster that passes for your spelling would make it even more of a dream...)

Word for word translation often fails, especially when moving from a highly inflected language (in which word endings give a great deal of grammatical information) to a less-inflected one or back again. For example, Russian to English.

The better translation engines that use an approach similar to what you speak of have also a large dictionary of phrases and some grammar rules included. In addition, you run into many problems with multiple word choices for any single given word in the originating language. Software often must "guess" which meaning is intended, or else the "translation" quickly becomes rather useless.

FYI, I carry on a regular correspondence with several Russian speakers, using machine translation. That has, over the past few years, given me a certain amount of experience using various software programs that run into these issues all the time.


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