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spell checkers

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on February 08, 2007 06:03 AM
a project involving a one to one map of word translation may be an efective intermediary to a fullfleged laguage interpreter. A person may wish to type in one languange and see what it looks like in another language. this could include morse code pig laten whatever. just one more way to involve people and make things interesting. bulding vocabulary could be a usfull way to learn passivly while chatting or just using ones computer. this mite extend to passive learning in general. selecting topics presented in a fun fact type venue. with the users permision there mite be a feature that permited a third party or member of a chat group to translate the content in another language. these scripts could be placed into either an open source or comercial sponsored dictionary of phrases that could be used as an interpreter geting closer and closer to an accurate translation or group of likly refrences a shorthand could then be used as an interpreter mite select the best meaning rather than interpreting everything from scratch.


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