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cherry picking

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on February 07, 2007 08:15 PM
Just wanted to mention that if you don't like the whole ROX desktop, you can still use the best part(s) of it. I've been using XFCE (<a href="" title=""></a> as a desktop for ages, but I prefer ROX filer to the file manager built into XFCE. This makes a great combo if you're into a lightweight desktop. As both XFCE and ROX use the same drag'n'drop protocol, the integration is seamless. BTW I don't really miss the tree view (which Thunar, the current XFCE file manager, offers). Bookmarks, the history, and maybe half a dozen of your most visited folders on a panel will get you just as far without cluttering your valuable desktop real estate.

Another note regarding the find command. ROX filer also has "Select by name" and "Select if..." commands that select files in the current directory according to a file name pattern or other criteria, respectively. This makes it a snap to copy or delete all files with a given string in their filenames or files that are e.g. larger than 1 MB.


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