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Posted by: Anonymous Coward on January 22, 2007 01:12 PM
The article mentions marketing. I haven't studied marketing, and don't know much about it, but one thing I believe to know, is that Apple and Mozilla Firefox has done their marketing good.

Good thing about Mozilla Firefox is that its free, open source, cross-platform, follow web standards, and is extensible via third-party extensions. Firefox has the SpreadFirefox (SFX) project, which seems to have worked out really well. Having a community is very important, because then it spreads by word-of-mouth too, having stuff like forums, mailing lists, chat channels, wikis, faq, documentation, how-to, etc.

Apple is good at marketing too. The mac-talibans fiercely defends Apple, and they buy anything that Apple sells, even if its expensive. The impression that I get is that Apple seem to have a "clean approach" to marketing with no clutter and bloat, and it focuses to reach out and clearly explain what makes their products good.

One very important asset that we have is our community, we have a big community of intelligent people. If we could use our community in way of like open source marketing, then we could market things together as a community.
Mentioning software on our websites and blogs, putting an icon/userbar in the forum signature, topics in IRC channels, write forum post, tell people, banner/link/button on website. In the about dialog of your software, you can clearly state that its free software or open source, and maybe put a link to some place, such as FSF, OSI, SourceForge, etc. You can have webrings on your websites, etc.

If you have made a FOSS software, then on its website, link to other FOSS software.


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