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Posted by: Anonymous Coward on January 22, 2007 12:58 PM
I am not sure about this is a good merge. FSG and OSDL had no "Linux" in their name, so now its all gonna be about Linux?
OSDL was Open Source Development Labs, now this is about open source, right?
And FSG was Free Standards Group, thats a group thats about free standards, right?
But now they're about Linux?

I love free software, open source, and open standards. Sure I like Linux, but maybe one day I will go OpenSolaris, BSD or Plan 9 from Bell Labs, or any other free software operating system, I don't know.

It's about strange that FSG and OSDL merge, and the outcome is something named "The Linux Foundation". It makes it appear that before it wasn't all about Linux, but now suddenly its all about just Linux only.

And if OSDL was about advocating open source or something, wouldn't it be more difficult for them now, that their name is not open source, and that its Linux?

Oh well, Linux could really need some standards to make some stuff more consistent.

-- "Another reason for the merger, according to Zemlin, is that "a lot of the work that the two organizations have been doing in the last few years is winding down. Open source evangelism in general -- I would characterize that work as a slam-dunk. Everyone gets that Linux is a mainstream enterprise operating system. So, really, when you look at these two organizations, one of the things you really want to consider is: What's the next phase?""
^^ One thing that I think is really important is open standards and interoperability.


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