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I agree.. but

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on February 09, 2007 12:38 AM
I'm working in Brazilian government free software stuff since 2 years. I agree with this article but I think that the Brazilian situation is a totally new and different case. There is no country that tried this widely. The society is not prepared to the free knowledge/free software revolution. It's difficult to explain.. but try to imagine a change like this applied in a heterogenus reality that is a society. You are not in a controlled closed ambient, like a University, a business company, a local administration. You have to spend money, to make a very good project for that, to get qualified workers and spread this totally different model. All of this in big way. I think that such a revolution couldn't be do by the already existents IT department/entities. It's a cultural revolution. It doesn't belong to TI. It's not a only a tecnical matter. Here in Brazil there is a lot of work and mixture with other cultural dimensions of free knowledge. I hope that all the work that is going on, bad and good, and I agree that a big part is bad, will produce some results not only negatives one. And there is no place in the world that is happening something like this. For example, there is people using computer for the first time directly with Linux (see digital inclusion programs) and we don't know what will be the consequence of this. I think that, like the singer BNegao said, "O processo é lento", the process is slow.


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