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Posted by: Anonymous Coward on January 27, 2007 11:29 PM
It is not a sensible idea to base a product on philosophy that is attached to it.

Hmm, I wonder wat Bill Gates would say. You remember his vision "A computer on every desktop?". That is an attached philosophy to Windows.

People will want to use it without philosophy.

They can do so too. There is no clause in the GPL that requires you to philosophize over your OS.

Majority of people live their whole lives without or with very little philosophy.

And this is relevant how? Should everybody cater to the "unwashed masses" per default? What if some people don't care for that?

In general, people are driven by interests, not by philosophy.

Good for them, but your statement still includes the premise that this is something that should be catered to wholesale.

There is a question that nobody have ever answered me: is GNU softtware for the faithfull only, or for everybody?

I won't stop anyone from using Free Software, but if somebody claims not to care for the ideals behind it, I will distance myself from that person IT-wise. It is not in my idealistic best interests to support people who spit on the ideals I think are worth keeping around.

If the license are violated, why does FSF not go after violators with legal action, as it has done before ?

This is a really easy answer. The FSF can only enforce license compliance on code they are the copyright holders for. Just attaching the GPL doesn't make source code the property of the FSF. The FSF can only assert rights over code they own, with third party code they don't have standing.

Or FSF is acting like Microsoft here ?

Funny. Thanks for the laugh.

Bill Gates said about illegal copies of Microsoft software in China : "If they steal, make sure that they steal from us".

Well, GPL code theft only occurs when you don't abide with the redistribution clauses of the license, so it is very hard to compare the "bait and switch" philosophy behind Bill G's "I want them to steal ours." and the sharing done by the Free Software community.



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