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Re:Nonsensical Ass Clown

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on January 27, 2007 09:17 AM
Me>>> It's what they have (e.g., 500)

> You wouldn't have a citation to back that up would you? The poster provided several citations to bolster his assertions but, you failed to provide any to bolster your own.

I have one now (from Google):

-- snip ---
Definitions of e.g. on the Web:

        * for example: as an example; "take ribbon snakes, for example"
-- snip ---

Do you understand what means "for example"? Maybe English is not your first language -- it's not mine, too. "E.g." means something used for illustration, just to help present an argument. It can mean also a descriptive entity used for explanation purposes. I have not idea if they have 500 Linux experts, they could have 1000 -- the poster posted a link to a comment asking for 4 specialists. Nowhere did he mention how many they already have. So there. Next time you call names, think for a minute how much this tells about you and your low respect levels. Good thing you posted anonymously, huh? No need to have class that way...

> The linked article says that they only have 200 Linux desktops right now but, you claim that they have 500 Linux specialists.

I don't. Look in the definition of "e.g." if you don't believe me.

> Do the specialists not have their own Linux desktops?

I would venture (= "suppose", to save you the effort) they have one even at home, considering Germany's preference for free software.

> Why are there so few Linux desktops today and the progress so slow in adding desktops if they have such an army of specialists that I can only presume would be working on this roll-out?

I ask you why is it becoming more and more difficult to sell competing proprietary solutions (like Microsoft's)? Maybe the world does not need computing anymore? I guess no, I guess you will be refusing to see Linux everywhere around you for the next 80 years...

> I can't make any sense of your Microsoft references and rants.

There's a context involving corporation conviction. Research a little and it will turn up.

> Nowhere in this thread does anyone mention Microsoft.

I did mention it. It's not forbidden to discute alternative competing products.

> The thread is about the original article and Brazil's failure to live up to the hyperbole and promises regarding their Linux adoptions and the similarity of The City of Munich's failure to live up to the hyperbole that has been going on out it for the past three years.

It is not about this. It _was_ about this until I got my foot-in-the-door and said Munich is going well, according to recent news. And you have to trust them about this, or ask them directly how is it going _right now_. I'm not German, my Deutsch is bad and you son, well, go learn English first, ok?

> Your nonsensical tirade is indicative of the darker side of that hyperbole. Your hysterical screaming at dissenters to your "vision", for pointing out simple facts, seems to have no basis in reality. Rather, it seems like the hysterical rantings of a madman. As always, an ugly representation of the community of overzealous fanatics that perpetuate the hyperbole.

Yeah, you seem to know a lot about hype, indeed. Looks like that intro from Colossal Cave... your description of my, erm, "madness" stretches out of view.<nobr> <wbr></nobr>:-)

> I'm not surprised that you got tired. I certainly tired of trying to make sense of your post. My "loss", as you put it also eludes me but then, I don't live in your bizzare world.

But you can, stop your evil ways and yield to Linux, you'll see an entire new world of freedom. (How was that? It's a beginning, or what?)

> Mercifully, my world is relatively free of nonsensical ass clowns, such as yourself.

You mean... you work for Microsoft? But they use Linux there, too!



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