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Nonsensical Ass Clown

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on January 26, 2007 11:29 PM
It's what they have (e.g., 500)

You wouldn't have a citation to back that up would you? The poster provided several citations to bolster his assertions but, you failed to provide any to bolster your own.

<a href="" title="">The linked article</a> says that they only have 200 Linux desktops right now but, you claim that they have 500 Linux specialists. Do the specialists not have their own Linux desktops? Why are there so few Linux desktops today and the progress so slow in adding desktops if they have such an army of specialists that I can only presume would be working on this roll-out?

I can't make any sense of your Microsoft references and rants. Nowhere in this thread does anyone mention Microsoft. The thread is about the original article and Brazil's failure to live up to the hyperbole and promises regarding their Linux adoptions and the similarity of The City of Munich's failure to live up to the hyperbole that has been going on out it for the past three years.

Your nonsensical tirade is indicative of the darker side of that hyperbole. Your hysterical screaming at dissenters to your "vision", for pointing out simple facts, seems to have no basis in reality. Rather, it seems like the hysterical rantings of a madman. As always, an ugly representation of the community of overzealous fanatics that perpetuate the hyperbole.

I'm not surprised that you got tired. I certainly tired of trying to make sense of your post. My "loss", as you put it also eludes me but then, I don't live in your bizzare world. Mercifully, my world is relatively free of nonsensical ass clowns, such as yourself.


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