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Re:Facts - They're Ugly (NOT)

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on January 26, 2007 07:05 AM
Your very own link is titled "additional-linux-especialists". Get the word additional? It's what they have (e.g., 500) plus 4.

Now, let's recap some things:

a) M$ makes software which have some problems, which are widely known;
b) M$ is from the USA;
c) Munich is not in the USA;
d) M$ makes money for itself and largely to pay USA infrastructure and USA taxes, which are used to """defend""" the country;
e) Windows is more expensive than Linux as been shown repeatedly in many studies;
f) Maybe, just maybe, Munich is considering strategic reasons and money saved over the long haul in their decision to move to Linux;
g) Outside of third party applications (AutoCAD, Adobe's, etc.), M$ Office offering have been matched by -- which even reads old M$ formats better than M$ products themselves! ;
h) Games and tax software don't count in business scenarios, because games are a big NO and tax software is different for every country and they must have theirs in Linux, as my country has;
i) I got tired. You lose.

Go use M$ products if you want and let others mind their own businesses.


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