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Re:Interesting read, but...

Posted by: Administrator on January 07, 2007 09:47 AM
It you're a business owner (or IT decision maker) I do not imagine you purchasing a shipment of 100s PCs,

Well, if I was a business owner buying 100 machines, and I realized that DEL was charging me $50 more for each computer without Windows than the were for identical boxes with windows, and that I could save a furter $5250 by getting a refund for the Unused product in the cheaper bundle by rejecting the license, I'd hire a temp to spend one week, fulltime badgering Dell about my refund, and still come out $9050 ahead of the game.

($5000 for buying the the cheaper version, and $5250 for the MS Tax refund, minus $1200 for hiring someone for a week fulltime at $30/hour).


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