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It's called Tying and it's illegal

Posted by: Administrator on January 07, 2007 08:48 AM
Tying (Requiring that you purchase one product when you buy another product) is illegal. If they say that you MUST buy Windows when you buy a DEL XF-10000 then they're breaking the law.

Windows and your PC are two completely different products. It's too difficult to deliver a car without tires, so you could say that tires are required -- but, even then, most car dealers will allow you to ask for non-standard tires on your car if you get it from the factory (rather than off the lot).

Just having that wording in their license and not having an option to purchase their various models without Windows is probably enough for someone to file a lawsuit.
It's just too expensive for most people to file a lawsuit over this.

IANAL. If you want a real legal opinion, ask someone with a license to sell it to you.))


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