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Re:Interesting read, but...

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on January 07, 2007 08:49 AM
Well, I can trouble shoot the software for myself as well, I do it on 4 computers, I see no problem of doing it on 5.

I do not wat to get gas free, I want to have right to buy car (notebook) without tax for One_Year_Theatre_parking_prepaid_ticket (MS). I can use the car in my town, I can drive to the beach, or to the mountains, but I do not wat it with bundled ticket for Theatre, when I do not like Theatre and I do not plan ever drive there to park my car there.
Parking on Theatre parking place maybe interesting for someone, but is not for me. And the prize is relatively high and I do not want to support such company with my money, when I do not want to use their services (Windows).

If you do not think so, what about sending ME some of YOUR money ($100 would be enougth) for having my service your_face_on_my_praktice_target. Maybe you do not want this service at all, not to mention to pay it, but "I dont understand why the fighting is.."


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