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No-OS Option

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on January 07, 2007 03:55 AM
As someone who has done work in tech support I know that the main idea is to get the customer off the line as soon as possible and deal with the next complaint. The longer the customer is on the line, the more help we give, the more the company has to pay back to the customer per PC they sell the more it COSTS them. They sell their PCs with a profit margin designed to include the cost of tech support. Right now they don't offer a No-OS version because it is financially sound to not offer one.

If, however, thousands of people started calling up and wasting the time of service representatives and company officials demanding refunds then they might soon find it logical to simply offer a No-OS version when selling their computers.

No, I don't think what we're doing will have any effect on Microsoft. Nor do I care enough about the small amount of money I'll receive in return. What I care about is having the No-OS option available, or perhaps even having a Linux option available. Why? To help the cause.

So even if you don't really care about the money, get on the phone with Dell, or HP, or whoever you bought your computer from, and complain about how unfair it was of them to sell you something that you didn't want along with the thing you did want and not give you an option.


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