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Interesting read, but...

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on January 06, 2007 11:32 AM
But I not quite sure who are you trying to appeal with this article?

It you're a business owner (or IT decision maker) I do not imagine you purchasing a shipment of 100s PCs, spend time fighting for refunds, and then spend more time installing Linux after that. You'd probably deal with a Linux vendor in the first place.

If you're a home user and you already are a full blown Linux convert, you'd probably do the same.

If you're in the above category and doing this just to stick it to Microsoft, then it is just plain dumb:
a) you're not getting full refund, and most likely your vendor does not need to support your PC problems anymore either
b) the whole situations sounds like: you walk into new car dealership and tell them that you want to buy a car, but they must take the engine out and refund you, because you're planning to install a different engine

So, this leaves us with Joe-XP-Home user. And I think it is completely unfair to ask Joe to go through all of the inconveniences just to support your political agenda. Why? Here is a piece of auto news I read the other day:
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Do you think Ford would eat up the cost of MS licenses or Ford would pass the costs to Joe??? I mean Joe is paying for 1000s of MS licenses used every day in business world. And you're suggesting Joe to save lousy $50 on his own license?! Or when Joe is trying to pay for his new T-Short, Joe should make sure that retailer, distributor, and manufacturer are not using any of MS software, and only then continue with the purchase<nobr> <wbr></nobr>:)

I am not against Linux in any way, I use it on my home PC in dual boot with Windows (if I need to run Windows programs I don't have to go back to store and pay full retail for OS). But I strongly believe that adoption has to start at work/education place first. Once Joe gets Linux trained at work, it will be natural to install Linux at home.


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