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I must agree!

Posted by: Administrator on January 06, 2007 12:37 AM
I keep seing story after story written by Gnome users lamenting features and configurability present in KDE that are not present or not quite up to par in Gnome. Well maybe they should be using KDE?

I normally do not discuss this subect because I don't like to see infighting in the GNU/Linux community. I am however growing increasingly irritated by the apparent arrogance of the Gnome crowd. Every poll shows that most Linux users prefer KDE and yet all of the major distributors except 2 or 3 who default to Gnome.

You mentioned the file save dialog. In Gnome it remains frustrating and un-intuitive. Epiphany is about one step up from useless. In spite of what the Gnome folks obviously think, we KDE users do like choices and lots of options and configurability. We resent it when the KISS ideology is thrust upon us.

None of this comes from a point of ignorance. I have at times forced myself to use Gnome for extended periods in an attempt to see why it is the "preferred desktop". Sorry Gonome folks... I just don't get it. As an aside, I think that the deal between Ron, Miguel and Microsoft has made the use of Mono downright dangerous and the infestation of Mono into GTK/Gnome can't be a good thing at this point.

IMHO, Gnome falls well short of KDE when it comes to usability and even appearance. This gap will only widen with the release of KDE 4.


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