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Re:You Never Will

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on January 06, 2007 01:55 AM
How is this any different than copying a TTF file to the Fonts folder in the windows control panel?

I'm guessing that Dad wouldn't be able to figure that out on windows or linux, unless he's got some IT background already. I doubt Mary in accounting would get it either. I don't think people need a license to operate a computer, but I do think they should learn at least a little bit about how to use the tools they have. You'd expect your local mechanic to know how to operate the lift to get your care up for service, why can't you expect your computer using employees to know how to use their tools? A better question is why is Mary in accounting installing fonts that the systems administrators didn't install for her? Where is the need for the latest font in an accounting job? As for Dad, hey, when you set up his machine (since he's gonna have trouble installing fonts, I'm assuming that you installed the OS for him) why not make a symlink to the<nobr> <wbr></nobr>.fonts dir and tell him to just copy them in the file browser as he would any other file?

Graphics, I can see a need for copying and pasting capabilities between applications, but that problem can't be adequately addressed until all the applications you want to do this with have a somewhat standard way to handle images. You'll need to convince the Abiword developers and the Open Office developers to do things the same way. Make sure that the Gimp and any other app that might use images follows suit. (You can actually drag and drop images from most apps into the gimp and it will open them)

As for copying and pasting files, that should be part of the VFS, and in the case of gnome apps and nautilus, already works most of the time. I agree that theres some work to be done, but this seems to be a solution in search of a problem on many levels.

And no, I am not on the Gnome development team.


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