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What About It???

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on January 06, 2007 01:42 AM
Have you used this product or did you simply do a FreshMeat search. From the Glipper website:

Please note, glipper is currently under development, beware of bugs and expect much more from future releases. We do not yet have a stable release, and there are currently a couple of known issues with glipper, until our next release you may have to use an older version to get things working smoothly.

But before you go saying anything like; 'it'll get better after awhile', read further:

Glipper is designed to manage text, we currently have no plans to manage any other type of data.

So, you're inferring that people should use a clipboard that lacks basic functionality that already exists in many clipboards and is EXPECTED by almost any user but, will never be implemented. <SARCASM>Oh, yea. I want that on my desktop.</SRACASM>


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