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You Never Will

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on January 06, 2007 01:32 AM
cp font.ttf ~/.fonts/
Yea. That's intuitive. I'll have no problem getting Mary in accounting to handle that. Dad (he's 72) won't find it difficult either. But, let me guess, your one of those 1337i575 (if you decipher that, you definitely are) that think that people should have a license to operate a computer.

Select text with the mouse, middle click to paste.
I use and enjoy this a lot myself. I, like you, am also frustrated by the lack of this in standard Windows installations. But, this technique is no panacea. What happens when you lose the selection? That's where Ctrl-C/V and Klipper shines. Also, the select/paste method doesn't work so well with things like graphics and files.

The fact that you "don't get it" suggests that you never will. It doesn't take much thought, imagination or understanding to see the need or at least the demand for the functionality that the author described. Are you on the Gnome development team by chance?


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