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Re:Very Interesting

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on December 15, 2006 07:19 AM
Missing from the list of haughty attendants is the Gnome and KDE teams. When last I checked, none of the listed attendants, with the exception of, actually developed any desktops(HP?, AMD?, Nokia?). So, it seems odd and out of place for them to be trying to establish desktop architecture decisions. Does anyone else not think this is strange? Does anyone else not wonder where last year's attendants KDE, GNOME,, were?

I was there representing D-Bus mainly but also Red Hat,, GNOME and OLPC. Dave, who is quoted in the article is a major GNOME hacker. Jonathan Blanford too. Waldo from fd.o and Portland was there. There were a couple of people from Trolltech also. Novell, Red Hat and Xandros were all present though it would have been nicer to get people from other distros too. As far as nokia and others, they are using the desktop stack on embedded platforms, it just isn't the traditional desktop. They still face the same issues as other ISVs.



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