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Very Interesting

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on December 15, 2006 04:35 AM
It is always interesting to me to look at the rather strange facts to are left out of articles like this one. While, on one hand, the article espouses about this meeting being attended by some 40 developers from organizations such as Hewlett-Packard,, Red Hat, Nokia, Intel, OpenWengo, AMD, Xandros,, and many several others, it leaves out some rather pertinent information.

Missing from the article is that Open Source Development Labs(OSDL), whose relevance has been increasingly and pointedly questioned in the past year, just laid off its CEO along with 1/3 of its staff. This leaves the organization at 19 strong, including Linus Torvalds.

Missing from the list of haughty attendants is the Gnome and KDE teams. When last I checked, none of the listed attendants, with the exception of, actually developed any desktops(HP?, AMD?, Nokia?). So, it seems odd and out of place for them to be trying to establish desktop architecture decisions. Does anyone else not think this is strange? Does anyone else not wonder where last year's attendants KDE, GNOME,, were?

Finally there was the second paragraph of the article where the author whines about reporters not being allowed to attend. I have no issue with such a restriction as I know that the press can be extraordinarily disruptive but, that wasn't the reason they were barred from this meeting. OSDL refused to allow reporters to attend, citing member concerns about disclosing information with reporters present. OSDL, a supposedly "Open" organization, and its open source members are concerned about members disclosing information?(!!!) <SARCASM>Does AMD and HP worry that some secret proprietary desktop architecture policy of their might get out?? Imagine the disaster if anyone knew!!!</SARCASM>

Frankly, I am very concerned for Linus Torvalds and the Linux kernel. That Linus works for and is possibly influenced/controlled by OSDL, an organization that seems both irrelevant and in jeopardy, seems like a dangerous proposition certainly for Linux and possibly for the kernel.


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