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Ubuntu, a modern African word for REPLY URGENTLY

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on November 16, 2006 04:49 PM
...and jump happily that you've replied, and DON'T THINK.

Well what I can collect from hangling several months at is that the "humanity" there is largely artifical among the community (since it's a culture/habit issue, not being really enforceable by e.g. CoC in its roots), and is very special for key people like Mark Shuttleworth or Jeff Waugh, and dirrefent enough from mine to start with (for me, naturally).

E.g. Mark was pushing naked woman body on some earlier cover artwork telling that "hey it's nice", and I for one consider that inappropriate even from an old lovelace who's nevertheless telling about community and cooperation. [...]

Jeff is nice OTOH but he seems to still believe in ultimate freedom, which is waughable on this same ol' Earth. That is, freedoms collide in practice.

Even if looking at personalities might provide enough controversy for me to still consider working with/within Ubuntu, the interesting and original mixture of business and community approaches came quite surprizing at times like this one.

In short, the conclusion was: "canonical/ubuntu will be successful since it's primarily a marketing project like microsoft waving the same cheapest guy on the block flag at first". And no, I don't have expectations on them to get ruined by another smart vision, shocking decision or any other moves of any business type pretending to play these games. Pushing the pendulum too much to the right results in it returning way too much to the left... and buzz per result ratio of ubuntu is way worse than even for gentoo.

Berkeley is known for LSD and BSD; South Africa is now known for AIDS, SCAM and UBUNTU. What a drag.

Michael Shigorin


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