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fedora 6 and video creation

Posted by: Administrator on November 24, 2006 01:47 AM
I recently installed fedora core 6 and proceeded to add the applications for video production.
Capture with ieee1394 from a sony videocam or advc100, the main hangup is selinux which I have disabled while doing capture as it blocks raw1394. I should figure it out soon so selinux can go back to enforcing.

fedora extras: audacity
zod - freshrpms: dvdrip, kino, mpg321, mplayer, vcdimager

Capture, editing, format conversion - kino
convert to bin, cue with vcdimager - svcd format
cdrdao to burn the svcd
mplayer vcd://2 to play the svcd

for the dvd types -- dvdauthor and cdrecord

I really like svcd for 1 hour tv programs, captured directly to disk with the canopus advc100 or from vhs.


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