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Never managed to create an dvd

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on November 21, 2006 09:39 PM
I still haven't managed to create an dvd movie
with Linux.

Closest I've ever got was an dvd with menus, but
the sound was "coughing". It didn't seem to be
anything obvious like too high bit rate.

This was trying to make a PAL dvd, with dv-video
as source. Edited with kino. Kino is my all time
favorite editing software, with an fast and clean

If I remember correctly qdvdauthor was used to
create the menus etc.

The weird thing is, i have edited and encoded
videos with kino (mp2enc mp2 mplex) before and
authored the dvds with dvdfactory under windows
and it worked. I don't think it re-encoded the
video. Using dvdfactory is no longer an option so
I cannot test this now.

Any ideas or similar problems? I'd really like to
have an easy process to quickly (or at all) create
an dvd of my camera footage.


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