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Ubuntu advocates closed source

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on November 11, 2006 03:20 PM
"Also, it looks like Ubuntu will be going a bit further in shipping binary drivers in the Feisty release. At present, Ubuntu includes some binary blobs to support wireless cards and some other devices -- but the non-free Nvidia drivers, for example, are not enabled by default.

Shuttleworth says that Feisty will include the binary drivers by default"

Using closed source bits in an open source operating system is not good at all. Ubuntu sends a message to their users that it is OK to use closed source solutions and they also send a message to hardware manufacturers that it is OK to provide binary-only drivers for Linux.

These are very bad messages to send because they hamper the good work that other, more responsible, Linux distributions have done so far to keep Linux open source. Ubuntu chooses short term convenience over the long term benefits and that is a very irresponsible strategy.

It looks like Mark Shuttleworth and the Ubuntu team are ready to do immoral things because they don't really care what's good for their users -- they only care about Ubuntu's popularity and nothing else. Shame on you!


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